Wednesday, March 24, 2010

7'10 Carver DW

been riding the 7'10" Carver double wing bat tail. such a fun board!
we've really been working on pushing the limits on length while keeping nice float and stability.

these tiny Carver's have a concave deck which re-distributes the volume from the middle of the board more onto the rails under your feet while parallel paddling. This enables more float (stability) under the feet and a lower center of gravity while in the surfstance. We match that with a really sloped sensitive rail allowing a much thinner pinched rail in the water.
the double wings matched up with the quad fins works unreal. We start the Vee bottom in the middle of the stance for driving off of the front foot and just gets deeper through the fins and exit out the tail. Key placement and depth of the Vee allows you to hold a powerful line and react quickly rail to rail.

"Flex" fin is a must. Load and unload the energy in and out of turns. The 5 fin boxes allows to convert to the adapting wave conditions. Come take a test spin!

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