Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Team Infinity 1st Place @ Dogpatch!

Team Infinity SUP had a great showing last week at the Rainbow Sandals "King and Queen of Dogpatch" event! The boys Tommy Lloy and Greg Brunson came away with 1st Place finishes in both divisions! NICE!

Infinity Results:

Elite Division :
Tommy Lloy 1st Place / 8'5" CarverTL Quad
Brian Haag 5th Place / Elite 8'8" Competitor SUP
Jason Kenworthy 6th Place / Elite 8'5" CarverTL

Advanced Division :
Greg Brunson 1st Place / 9' Competitor SUP Quad
Brent Pascoe 3rd Place / 8'6" CarverDW Quad
Erik Lizerbram 4th Place / 8'6" CarverDW Quad

Tommy Lloy making the boys on the beach dizzy w/ his signature tail 360!

Brian Haag

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