Monday, July 12, 2010

Aviso RacerTL test spin in Tahoe

Steve and Tommy headed out to Tahoe last weekend to check up on the status of the new Aviso made Infinity RacerTL 12'6" SUP and Tommy raced the board to 2nd Place all in one fair swoop! More pics coming on the race later.

The race board is insane! Coming in at a mere 12lbs this board is LIGHT! Check out the photos below, you can see how nice the board cuts through the water.

The hatch hole you see on the deck is there to mess around with different stiffness inside the belly of the board. We've place a very lightweight and stiff piece of foam under the "cockpit" to keep it nice and stable while keepint the board very light.

This stream was the perfect spot to test out the boards speed and stability in small rapids and also how it would feel going down wind.

We are already taking special orders on this incredible board! Get on the waiting list NOW send Steve an email at

Available August 2010

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