Monday, August 2, 2010

InfinitySUP scoring in Nicaragua

Tommy Lloy, Dave and Dan Boehne are down in Nicaragua exploring the coast and scoring waves on their SUP's!

There is super fun beach break where you can find endless peaks up and down the beach. Right out front is an advanced "slabby" type left that you can get a deep barrel over shallow reef if you dare!

Here is a couple shots...more to come!

Dan Boehne backside rebound... riding Tommy Lloy's CarverTL Sup board.
Dan with some frontside action.
Dave Boehne using his paddle to bury the rail DEEP! Riding his 8'6" CarverDW swallow.

Tommy Lloy on his signature CarverTL 8'5" Quad. Check out that wake he's left behind!
Tommy laying into a frontside taildrift...

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