Monday, September 20, 2010

Lloy's Battle of the Paddle Raceboards!

Tommy Lloy's got a couple new boards ready for this years Battle of the Paddle!

The BOP is a very unique and technical race. Racer's really need more than one option of board design to match the conditions on race day. The conditions can range from dead glassy w/ flat surf, to howling head wind w/ shoulder high sets peeling way outside and anywhere in between!

The best racers must have strong paddling skills as well as surfing skills to have a shot at victory! A lightweight displacement hull could be the call if the conditions are smooth. Tommy will have his 12'6" Infinity RacerTL x Aviso on hand for a potentially glassy race course (pictured above on the right. this board is 12.5lbs! yikes!).

For the more challenging conditions with the larger surf or windy/choppy ocean surface, Tommy developed a design with Steve Boehne utilizing a new "penetrator" style nose.

This board has a displacement entry with a flatter belly. The tail flows out with a good amount of VEE to a mini square tail for added stability for picking up little ocean swells and riding waves.

Check out a quick clip of Tommy Lloy's first test on his new BOP raceboard!

Tommy Lloy First Test Spin 12'6" Racer w/ Penetrator Nose from theINFINTREE on Vimeo.

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