Monday, November 8, 2010

Smaller, Stable, Training in Mind.

Many people have been requesting a "training" race board Similar to the one's Danny Ching helped make popular with his 404.  Smaller and lighter so it's easy to fit in or on top of the car (makes it nice for girls too), more stable so the paddler can "go hard" and not have to worry about fighting stability, and still paddle fast, slice water, and be able to ride waves.

This one is 10'6" x 29 and has a flat bottom with soft water releasing edge out the back of a wide THIN square tail. Very fast and stable and can fit in most SUV's! That's pretty cool...

This badboy is a custom order from a fine fellow who will remain nameless to protect the innocent! shhh...

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  1. Steve and Dave - I admire the way you design, build and paddle the SUP boards you make!