Tuesday, December 7, 2010

2010 Becky Stuart Memorial Race

This years race had nice and smooth conditions with a slight off shore breeze. The morning started out FREEZING cold and racers were forced to wear shirts, beanies, wetsuits, etc to stay warm!

In the end the Infinity Race Team had some great results:

Tommy Lloy   1st Place 12'6" STK
Dave Boehne  3rd Place 12'6" STK
Diane Wenzel  2nd Place 12'6" Womens STK
Brent Pascoe  2nd Place 14' unlimited
Jason Kenworthy  7th Place 12'6" STK
and our friend Kyle Zimmerman finished  5th Place 12'6" STK

for complete results click HERE: (note EJ Johnson finished 2nd Place and is not listed! YA EJ!)

Brent Pascoe, Dave Boehne, Jason Kenworthy, Tommy Lloy
Tommy Lloy 
Brent Pascoe

Diane Wenzel
Kyle Zimmerman
Post Race shot with our hardware! haha

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