Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Slater Trout "HI-brid" model coming soon...

Slater was in town for a few working on his new models... This is a board that he demanded to be in the line. This "HI-brid" will be available from 10'-10'6" in length...

The Hi-Brid is a combination of 3 styles of SUP's... First the length is easy to manage both carrying to the water and loading on your car. Also the length is easy to maneuver and turn in the surf.

The length is something that many women have been excited about. The board is light enough to carry on their own and also fits inside most SUV's, mini vans, or hatchback style wagons..

For guys its a fun training style board that is very stable allowing for full powerful grinding style strokes with out the paddle checking, maximizing the workout... The shorter length is slower than a stock race board which helps in the gains, and you will feel much faster when you jump back on your 12'6"

The nose is our new "penetrator" nose designed to stab through water and on coming swells. The deck has a domed V to displace the water away from the cockpit. This enables this shorter board to still achieve a nice slice through the water and add to the ease of paddle.

The bottom is our flat style raceboard bottom that blends into a nice wide square tail with added "V" for carving surf style turns. At only 10'6" you will be amazed on how good this board actually surfs!

quick clip of Slater! Check it...

Slater Trout 2011 HI-brid Model SUP from theINFINTREE on Vimeo.

any questions on the new 2011 Slater Trout "HI-brid" email Dave Boehne / Dave@infinitysurf.com

These boards are available now by custom order and will be in full production by spring/summer 2011!

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