Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2011 Penetrator 12'6" Raceboard

Here's a look at our new flat bottom raceboard design by Steve Boehne.

we've been getting a lot attention with our race designs lately and we are very pleased with these new stable flat-bottomed racers!

The new penetrator has a refined rocker allowing the bow to engage the water and displace instantly. this also allows for excellent momentum while "stabbing" through on coming swells.

The stability of the new flat-bottom is allowing our team to go narrower in width (faster) while maintaining glide and ability to "grind" with out "paddle checking"...

We are making them in a fast pintail and a fast, stable square tail... We've been making the square tail anywhere from 5" - 8" wide on the tailblock depending on the weight and needs of the paddler.

Come down to our showroom in Dana Point and demo one of these sleek new Racers!

Dave Boehne's new race weapon!

Dave and his new racer

Jason Kenworthy's mini square tail
Kenworthy stoked!

12'6" Penetrator Raceboard from InfinitySURF on Vimeo.

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