Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Steve Boehne nominee "2010 SUP Shaper of the Year"

Steve has been nominated for 2010 SUP Shaper of the year! Stoked!

Please cast your vote and help spread the word! Thanks for the support!

Here's what you do to Vote and help Steve for a chance to win!
I've posted the directions in the Sup Shaper group

But the gist is to get as many people as possible to get their feedback posted by

(1) writing on the Sup Shaper group's wall on under GROUPS
(2) with Likes and Comments on your Steve's FB nomination post on and
(3) Tweet: @supconnect [shaper's name] [your message] #supshaper

The open round of nominations will run through the end of the 3rd week of March, at which point feedback will be counted and the top contenders will advance to the final!!!!!!! The most feedback Steve receives the higher his chances of advancing and winning!!!!

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