Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Infinity @ the Silver Blade Regatta (olympic trials)

We headed down to Chula Vista last weekend to attend the Silver Blade Regatta which was held at the Olympic Training Center. This is the first time SUP has been invited to compete at the center and is the first steps in getting SUP racing into the Olympics!

Was a fun event with a 200m sprint, 2000m distance, and a 200m team relay. The races were held in lanes and you had attendants holding on to the tail of your SUP at the beginning of the race to ensure no "false" starts. The finish also had a photo finish feature to reference back on close battles to the finish line!

All in all a really fun event and great venue. Was fun getting in the mix with all the other canoe, kayak, C1, Olympic hopefulls.

Infinity's Alleana Clark took 1st Place in 14 and under Girls while Infinity's Jayson Campbell too 1st in the 14 and under boys as well... Nice job guys!

Mens Results:
200M Sprint - 1st Place Jim Terrel, 2nd Place Dan Gavere, 3rd Place Slater Trout
2000M Distance - 1st Place Slater Trout, 2nd Place Anthony Vela, 3rd Place Matt Becker

Women's Results:
200M Sprint - 1st Place Kristin Thomas, 2nd Maggie Hogan, 3rd Suzy Strazulla
2000M Distance - 1st Maggie Hogan, 2nd Ruth Vezler, 3rd Suzy Strazulla

Jayson Campbell standing tall in 1st!

THEbrownblurr applying the "secret sauce" while Brett looks baffled

Dave and Mike "HI"

Slates gets all the babes

Diane Wenzel grinding to the finish on the black carbon 12'6" destroyer

Alleana Clark 1st!

Jayson and the Clark family!

Slater Trout looking like the karate kid

Slater with the Clark girls

Alleana Clark gliding fast!

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