Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hobie/Hennessey's Race Doheny

Team Infinity raced last weekend. It was a fun 6 mile circuit style course. Had to negotiate a number of buoy turns and brave through the surf on the inside. All in all one of the more fun races of the year for sure... Chance Fielder got 2nd Place 14' Division, Dave Boehne did well finishing 5th in the 12'6" Elite class (Dave unveiled his new race board),  and Brent Pascoe got 1st Place in the Open division racing on the 10'6" Slater Trout Hi-Brid. Congrats guys!

Brent Pascoe 1st Place Open Race

Dave Boehne on his new 12'6" Flying Tiger

Chance Fielder 2nd Place 14' 5th overall

Brent out in front on the 10'6"! Check out the 12'6" getting left behind!!!

THEbrownblurr coming in with style

Diane Wenzel

Billy Kho on his new carbon racer!

Mike Rauber strong finish

Chance and Jay Wilde
Brent Pascoe, Dave Boehne, Diane Wenzel, Billy Kho, Mike Rauber, Chance Fielder

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