Monday, June 13, 2011

Revolt SUP Surf Series Tommy Lloy 1st Place!

Congrats to Infinity's Tommy Lloy for taking 1st Place in the first event of the season of the Revolt Summer SUP Series. Held in Ocean Beach, Ca the conditions were windy, walled and challenging. In the end no one could stop Tommy as he won all of his heats up the final and coming away with the victory.

CD Kinley and Brent Pascoe went down to compete and represent as well! Thanks Boys!

Tommy Lloy racking up another Victory!

Brent Pascoe managed to throw down a nice rail turn before heading to the bar

CD Kinley looked poised for the final but fell just short

the finalists. looks like Lloy got a new skate!

Lloy caps the final off with a signature layback

1 comment:

  1. Crappy conditions but it was great to see Tommy pull off some nice off the lips and some serious cutbacks!