Monday, September 19, 2011

Hennessey's Internationals 2011

Fun event last Saturday at Hermosa Beach Pier. Challenging conditions tested all the skills. Down wind, up wind, side chop, going in and out of the surf etc was all a factor. This race was a good prelim to the Battle of the Paddle next week bringing out the very best paddlers including Jamie Mitchel, Danny Ching, Connor Baxter, Slater Trout etc.... In the end, Infinity had a pretty nice weekend of results. Stoked!

Slater Trout Elite 14' - 2nd Place
David Boehne Elite 12'6" - 13th overall (10th in age group)
Chance Fielder Elite 12'6" - 14th overall (11th in age group)
Chris Bishow Open Race 12'6" - 3rd Place
Chad Bashor Elite 14' - 5th Place (age group)

Here's some pics:

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