Monday, November 14, 2011

Slater Trout 6th Place Nomutu Paddle Champs

Here's a quick recap from Slater's Mom Jen on the paddle:

"I have to make this short cause battery power is low and lunch is served.  Slater got 6th,  Connor first, Kai second, a New Zealand guy third, Jake from Australia fourth and Noah fifth.  Slater had to stop and have Dave come over to assist him on the jet ski.  His right forearm cramped so badly he could not open his hand.  He had to sit for three or four minutes to let it relax, Dave gave him some Powerade and he continued.  Grueling according to all the kids.  People were running out of water etc.  But everyone was glad to get to the beach and hit the hot tub, now we can relax a bit and  enjoy ourselves.  I am including a few pics, more to some later.  I was in a boat and got to see Slater quite a bit during the race but we were also following several other people. There were about 15-20 racers."

sounds like it was a pretty heavy race and a great event/experience over in Fiji. 

Pre Race Jitters!
Slater, Conner, Kai heading out to the start
Post Race Jacuzzi wind down!

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