Monday, January 9, 2012

Gathering of the Tribes

Incredible waves this weekend! Hope you guys scored because it was classic California with a nice 6ft swell and sunny glassy conditions all day! Wow!

InfinitySUP's Dave Boehne, CD Kinley and Brent Pascoe competed in the Annual "Gathering of the Tribes" Coalition SUP Surf event held at Churches State Beach. Waves were flawless and the boys took advantage!

Dave Boehne took 2nd Place in the SUP final and CD Kinley 3rd... Dave rode his 7'11" Blurr SUP in the early rounds and switched over to his 8'2" TL for the final and the slightly smaller swell... CD ripped his 7'9" TL all the way to the final. Nice work boys!
Dave and CD
Brent Pascoe shredding his first heat
CD always going vert on his backhand!

Dave and Kelly Harris w/ "the waterman diet" that includes chili dogs and burgers!

2nd and 3rd! nice work fellas! yew

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