Monday, April 30, 2012

Custom 8'4" x 28" x 4" Carbon BlurrSUP

This board came out pretty clean and had some features requested "custom" by the customer, built into the design. The beauty of having the option to order custom is you can really dial in a board. Similar to custom fitted golf clubs in the way that you can definitely play golf w/ production clubs you buy "off the rack" but when you learn the basics and understand more of what you want, you take it to the next level w/ fitted clubs built specifically for your swing.

When you get "fitted" for a new SUP it is taylor made for where you surf, your style of surfing, and you are able to get the most out of the design, resulting in progression and more fun!

This board was made for a larger surfer at 200+lbs. He wanted to much shorter than his current board and try to maintain the stability and float while maintaining a light weight performance ride...

Nice pulled in template even for the big guys

bump thumb narrows the tail at the sweet spot and shortens the rail line
another look at the "bump" in the rail.

full carbon bottom adds stiffness, strength, and reduces weight. 5 fin option to adapt to changing conditions

you can see the concave in the deck, that creates a bulge at the crown of the rail so we angle from the crown to create a thinner performance rail in the water while maintaining the volume up top for stability

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