Thursday, May 17, 2012

SUP Surf Clips!

Had a fun SUP surf session with our friends from Boardworks.
The surf was chest to head high and peaky and gave a good forum to try out the Infinity/Boardworks production boards as well as a few new custom shapes.
Phillip and Gretchen came down and was kind enough to shoot some pics and film a bit. Phillip threw together this quick little edit of the session.

Surfers: Dave Boehne 7'4" custom Infinity BlurrSUP
Brent Pascoe 8'5" Infinity Boardworks Team Label (quad)
Ryan Mahoney 8'5" Infinity Boardworks Team Label (thruster)
Derek Erickson 8'6" custom Infinity BlurrSUP
Ryan Guay 9'4" Infinity Boardworks Carver
 We've been super stoked on the feedback from happy customers that have purchased the Infinity Boardworks SUP's... Come down to our showroom here in Dana Point or any authorized Boardworks dealer and have a look. Some of the best looking production boards out there.

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