Wednesday, June 13, 2012

More BlurrSUP Sightings and Evidence

The BlurrSUP does exist. We here at the I.S.R.D. (Infinity Standup Research and Development) have new photographic evidence ready to share.

The BlurrSUP:
 A very fast, responsive, shortboard-like creature purported to inhabit the Pacific Ocean and other wave rich waters and coastlines worldwide. This elusive, sea worthy creature has reportedly been seen numerous times chasing the green lotus and blowing tail on unsuspected lips and waves alike.

7'4" - 7'7" - 7'11"

THEbrownblurr himself with a frame grab from the latest sasquatch research trip

7'7" x 27" x 3 3/4" this one is made with hydroflex technology and is stringerless EPS. 10lbs of elusive performance.

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