Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Short Clip of the Famous "Quadnundrum" in Action

This thing is too much fun...

We here at Infinity are proud to say we are the first to design, make, race, and manufacture these multi-person SUP Racers in the World. They are 100% hand shaped by Steve Boehne.

Last year Infinity Elite Racers Slater Trout, Dave Boehne, and Chance Fielder made history racing the "Quadnundrum" as the very first multi-person SUP team in a race. They took 2nd Place in the 2011 Battle of the Paddle distance race finishing seconds behind the man himself Danny Ching in the Unlimited Class...

Although disqualified due to this being the first of it's kind, and no official rules... They were awarded by Rainbow Sandals the 2011 "Most Inspirational" Award for their feat.
Slater, Chance, and Dave at the finish line.
the Clark family as seen in SUP Magazine's feature "Families of SUP"
Steve Boehne, Billy Diedrich, Mel Wygal, and Barrie Boehne at the 2012 Dana Ocean Challenge

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