Monday, August 27, 2012

Infinity Sweeps up in DC

Team Infinity had a great weekend up in our nation's capital Washington, DC!

Waterman's "Paddle For Humanity" Race went off with a record number of paddlers in attendance for the DC area.

Dave Boehne, Annabel , and Slater

The race course was held on the Potamac river right in the heart of DC that offered up a scenic paddle amongst some of DC's famous national monuments. Wow!

Thursday, Dave Boehne hosted a movie showing of "H2ind0" with the boys from SUP Annapolis. The movie played for a group of SUP enthusiasts at a rad little dive bar in downtown naptown.

Friaday started off great with Slater Trout and Dave Boehne holding a paddle clinic for the locals. Each paddler got one on one attention and stroke analysis. Great turnout and really nice people.

Saturday hosted the actual race events. Infinity sweeped the event by taking 1st and 2nd in the Elite 10K distance as well as 1st Place in the Carnage filled CP Rally race.

Slater leads the pack

couple locals Chris Johnson and Wes Stolp brought their best and challenged mid race. Strategy came in to play where Slater and Dave went for the kill on the final leg of the race. Great competition! 
Dave, Slater, Wes

10K Results:
Slater Trout 1st
Dave Boehne 2nd
Wes Stolp 3rd
Chris Johnson 4th

Annabel Anderson 1st Womens

Next up was the "Chuck Patterson Rally Race" also known as the CP Rally! This race usually involved physical strength, mental strength, and all around skill set.

With the logistics and laws in the DC area the race was turned into a carnage filled sprint rally course with elimination heats all while racing on 10'6" inflatables.

WOW this was entertaining and heaps of fun. When the dust settled, Dave Boehne crossed the line first with a little gladiator flex! Ha... Always playing up the crowd... Check out the video below!
Dave with a sparta flex! hows that paddle wedged under the fins??

Annabel and Dave take the CP Rally crown


CP Rally:
Dave Boehne 1st mens
Annabel Anderson 1st Womens

Links to more pics and results:
Distressed Mullet

Sunday was "tourist" day as Slater and Dave called it. This being their first trip to DC they woke up early before the flight home and saw all the sights and rode the subway. Capping off another great weekend of SUP!

Dave and Slater lost in DC

uh oh Hipster alert!

Slater reflecting on the Capitol building

Dave with Abe Lincoln kicking it


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