Monday, November 5, 2012

"Another Dam Race" Chance and Dave take 1st

The Infinity Crew headed out to Parker, Arizona for some camping fun and some racing!

Weather was awesome, hot and glassy with a great turnout for the 10.5 mile race. The race is cool with killer scenic views and a 2-3 MPH current going with you for half of the race.

Infinity finished a great weekend with Chance Fielder taking 1st Place in the 14' division and Dave Boehne taking 1st Place in the 12'6" division. Nice!

other infinity paddlers did well with Mick Vollmer finishing 4th in 12'6" and Jack Wygal taking 4th as well in 14'

great job to the "Another Dam Race" crew once again with a fun, solid event!

Mel and Diane paddled the Tandem can you say "booze cruise"???

donkeys like corn pops "gotta have my pops!"

Dave Boehne 1st Place 12'6" and Chance Fielder 1st Place 14'

the boys.

Mick Vollmer, Dave Boehne, Jared Bonnot

Jack Wygal

Dave and the grommet

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