Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Blurr SUP

This is Dave Boehne's signature surf SUP. The "BlurrSUP" is our most high performance surf SUP in our lineup.

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It blends all of the performance elements into one design. Smooth, good rail to rail, tail release, and FAST.

We achieve this by blending timeless design elements with Vee bottoms from Steve Boehne combined with Dave and Dan Boehne's performance shortboard elements.

An equation of exit rocker, outline, fin placement in relation to the sweet spot, and foil all working in perfect harmony.

Currently available custom through our showroom in Dana Point, and special order through our network of dealers.

Questions contact Dave Boehne himself Dave@infinitysurf.com
Order one up contact Brent Pascoe Brent@infinitysurf.com

7'7" x 27 x 3 3/4 & 8' x 27.5 x 3 7/8

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