Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Chris "Chill" Hill and the Phoenix Evolution

Infinity East Coast wave slayer Chris "Chill" Hill has been a huge influence in the new Infinity Phoenix "mini simmons" SUP Line...

Chris and Dave Boehne have been working closely with Larry Allison from ProBox to come up with the most comprehensive simmons style sup line available.

Chris Hill streaking down the line on the V2 w/ Jet Tail

We now have 4 models in the Phoenix line. As SUP surfers skills progress, we have set out to match with the evolution from the original Phoenix.

Original V1 - Super stable, extra volume for larger riders and smaller riders that are transitioning down from much longer SUP surfboards. The extra volume catches waves unbelievably well.

V2 (version 2) - A performance tuned version of the original. Much thinner foil, traditional S-deck, angular rails, and a classic wide tail. Rolled bottom to a generous vee out the tail.

V3 (version 3) - The shortboarders Phoenix. We pull in the nose and tail template while maintaining a parallel rail line through the middle. Adding a wing pulls the tail template in even narrower while keeping a wide tail block. We add an "elevated wing" to trick the water while planing. Your board will feel 2" narrower under your back foot while turning. This wing aides in hallow waves with some bite as well...

V4 (version 4) - Evolution in design and creativity. This Phoenix features an asymetric tail. This breaks the rules and is essentially two different sized boards in one performance package. Feel the heelside advantage with an Asym. We shorten the outline and snub the nose for minimal volume displacment. The placement of the fins are key. Rocker, outline, and fin placement come together in harmonious hydrodynamics.

Chris Hill putting the V2 through the paces. Equally fun on the backside
Dave has been designing and making mini simmons surfboards since 2009. Watch this clip of Dave riding one of his "Tombstone" designs.

Mini Simmons Quick Clip from InfinitySURF on Vimeo.

please email Dave@infinitysurf.com for more info and pricing. Now is the time to order a new SUP for the summer time.

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