Thursday, March 28, 2013

Infinity Dominates the Surtech Shootout!!!

Slater Trout took 1st in the Elite Distance Race and Dave Boehne took 1st in the SUP Surf Shootout at Steamer Lane solidifying an Infinity take over!

Congrats to the entire Infinity team for representing and doing so well. We are so proud!!!

Check out the Album from all the madness on our FB page HERE
Elite Race Results:
1st Slater Trout (INFINITY)
2nd Chuck Glynn
3rd Matt Becker
4th Anthony Vela (INFINITY)
5th Chance Fielder (INFINITY)
7th Willis Brown (INFINITY)
You can watch the race in it's entirety below!!!

Live stream videos at Ustream

 Surftech SUP Surf Shootout Results:
1st Dave Boehne (INFINITY)
2nd Tom Lloy
3rd Brandon Rambo
4th Chuck Glynn
5th Matt Becker, Brent Pascoe (INFINITY)

Video streaming by Ustream

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