Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Harbor Regatta SUP Fun Race

The Dana Point Yacht Club put on their first SUP event last weekend. A modest turn out for the event ended up being a really fun day of FUN racing and great race experience and practice.

Fun races give you a chance to ride different equipment and Team Infinity showed up with a range of SUP's and had a blast. Tommy Lloy rode the 18' Racer, Dave Boehne rode the 12'6" Infinity x Aviso Racer, Jason Kenworthy rode his 12'6" RacerTL, and Steve Boehne w/ Brent Pascoe teamed up and rode the 18' Tandem Racer and Diane Wetzel rode a 12'6" Racer w/ deep cockpit.

RESULTS Distance:
Tommy Lloy 1st Place overall Distance, 1st in 18' Class
Steve Boehne w/ Brent Pascoe, 3rd overall, 2nd in 18' Class
Jason Kenworthy 5th Place overall, 1st in 12'6" Class
Dave Boehne 6th Place overall, 2nd in 12'6" Class
Diane Wetzel 1st Place Womens 12'6" Class

Jason Kenworthy 1st 12'6"
Dave Boehne 2nd 12'6"
Diane Wetzel 1st Place Womens

Left to Right: Jason Kenworthy, Tommy Lloy, Dave Boehne, Steve Boehne, Diane Wetzel, Brent Pascoe

Tommy Lloy
Jason Kenworthy
An ecstatic Dave Boehne
Steve Boehne and Brent Pascoe
Diane Wetzel

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