Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Infinity Race Fins! Just in time for the Battle of the Paddle!

We've devoloped 2 racefins with Rainbow Fin Co. Designed by Steve Boehne, these bamboo constructed race style SUP fins are extremely light and beautiful!

Fin design by Steve Boehne:
Most sup race fins are made with a deep, skinny raked back profile.  This “high aspect” long, skinny profile resembles fin designs used on 35 mph sail boards.  SUP race boards on the other hand are propelled only at non planning displacement speeds.  In addition, they need a very large area fin to help reduce the zigzag course of an SUP.  We at infinity have found that a “low aspect” shallow and wide fin holds the water longer and holds a straighter course.  At first we designed a fin with the maximum base that would fit into a 10” box, but then when Aviso began making our new 12’6” race board with an 8” box, we redesigned the fin with a smaller, 8” base, but fatter tip.  These slope backed fins are only 8” deep and release kelp easier than a deep fin.

Check out the 2 designs at the shop or give us a ring with any questions 949 661 6699. $90MSRP. Shipping Worldwide.

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