Thursday, February 10, 2011

Infinity @ the SupFriends "Superbowl Race" 5 miles

We headed up to hang with our friends from and a race in the low-key fun "superbowl poker" race.

was a fun event where you had to stop a couple times and grab playing cards to form a poker hand for a shot at the money pot!

Infinity brought up a slew of boards. 12'6" penetrators, 12'6" destroyers, 12'6" hollow carbon destroyers, 14' touring penetrators, and the famous 18' tandem racer!

Dave Boehne ended up with the 1st Place win with a fast Robert Housen in 2nd.

Dave Boehne 1st Place
Dave and Robert pulling away after the first stop.
14' Penetrator Touring 
digging on the 14'
Brent Pascoe 3rd Place on the Infinity x Aviso Racer

Jack on the 12'6" destroyer

Mike Raubner ready for some cards!
Mike digging on the 12'6" Penetrator
Steve Boehne looking pretty happy with his poker hand!
the Boehne's and Mel racing on the 18' Tandem Racer! 3 people?? what!
Mike, Dave, Brent, Jack
post race relaxation!

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