Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Infinity Performance SUP Surf Fins Coming Soon!

Finally perfect fins for your performance SUP surf boards!

Dave Boehne and the Infinity S.U.P. Research and Development team worked with the "FINgineers" over at Futures to develop 2 destinct fin sets aiming at the sub-9ft length performance style SUP's.

"I've been using shortboard fin sets and boxes in all of my SUP's for years now. It was time to offer what i feel are the 2 perfect fin sets for the increasingly shorter SUP boards that are out there"- Dave Boehne.

Dave and Futures are gonna offer a 5 fin medium sized set and a 3 fin Large thruster set. "If someone bought both sets i feel it covers every performance style board and conditions. I've tested the fins the world over in all conditions and they really work seamlessly together"

Infinity will be offering the "BLURR 5 fin" set and the "Team Label" thruster set both with a center slide box application to increase the versatility of these fins even more.

"These fins make me super excited. They are honestly my dream set of fins for performance SUP surfing. Between the 2 different sets and templates, i know i have the perfect combination of fins for any board, any wave, anytime. I can't wait for people to try them!" - Dave Boehne

Coming Holiday 2012.

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