Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Slater Trout Takes 5th and 3rd 2012 Battle of the Paddle

Battle of the Paddle has come and gone!

Wow what a great event. Blessed with incredible waves and all the top paddlers in the world! Slater Trout had a killer event taking 5th place in the Elite Mens as well as a big 3rd place in the 14' Elite Distance race! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

There is something to be said of Slater's consistency in the BIG races against the worlds best. He is a monster and a threat no doubt. Slater validated his race designs by racing his signature models the 12'6" Cutthroat and the 14' whiplash boards in the event.

Team Infinity had a great showing:  
Slater Trout 5th Elite, 3rd Elite Distance  
Alleanna Clark 1st Girls Kids Division
Dalbert Rivera 2nd Open Boys Division
Chance Fielder 3rd Distance Age Group
Jack and Mel Wygal 2nd Tandem SUP Division
Brent Pascoe 2nd Open Mens 12'6"
Jack Wygal 4th Place Open Men 14'
Chad Bashor 6th Place Open Men 14'

Here's some pics!

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